Saturday, October 13, 2012


I cried a lot today! It was ridiculous really....

My aunt Lori and her little girl Ashlee came to visit us in Logan! We had sooooo much fun :) Of course we went shopping a ton, and ate a lot of great food. Today while we were in the mall, Lori looked at me and said, "Hey, let's get Ashlee's ears pierced!". Ashlee is three! I was excited about it, until she was sitting there in the chair, looking at me with her big beautiful eyes that were welling up with tears. No joke, I started crying. I couldn't look at her! She was so scared, and it absolutely broke my heart!

So after that, we were driving home and talking about how great my Mom is. We both started crying because let's face it, I love my Mom! So there you go JoAnn, you are so loved that when your sisters and I get together we cry just thinking about how awesome you are.

Finally, Lendel and I ran to the grocery store to pick up some random groceries. When we got home, he grabbed ALL of the groceries and didn't let me take any in. I know it sounds really simple, but it was just another sweet thing that he did that made me realize how much I love him! Shoot..... I'm tearing up again. I need to stop all this craziness!

I had a great weekend overall, just a very teary one......

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The time has come.... for me to put aside my foolish dislike of blogging. I always swore I would never have a blog, just like I swore I would never wear UGG boots. Well, I wore UGG boots. So here goes!

Lendel and I have been married for over nine months now, and we love every minute of it! (Duh.... who wouldn't!?) We live in Aggie Village at USU. If you've never seen these apartments, let me fill you in. Our kitchen table is half on carpet and half on kitchen floor, because you know it totally makes sense to build an apartment without enough room for a kitchen table. Also, I can vacuum the entire apartment from one plug, and still have cord leftover. It's FANTASTIC! (Yes.... that is a Nacho Libre quote..... you will see that quite often in my posts, seeing as it is our favorite movie!)

I'm a senior at USU, studying Exercise Science. No I do not love to exercise, but I absolutely love learning about the human body! Muscles and bones and maximum oxygen output.... who wouldn't love that!? I know... I'm a nerd. Lendel is studying business, and we have no idea how much school he has left. I just think he is nuts for choosing such a homework-ridden major.

I work at Conservice, a third-party billing company. Sounds boring doesn't it? Well, it's not! I love my job! Lendel is working a few hours a week at a machine shop, and just started a paid internship at the Leavitt Group Insurance. In fact, today is the day he takes his licensing exam! He is in Salt Lake and I am anxiously awaiting the results!

To sum all this blah-blah-blah up.... I love my life! Everything is going so well for us, and I couldn't be happier!