Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3rd Trimester!

Today is the day that marks the 3rd trimester for me! Only 12 more weeks to go until we have this little guy with us :) [13 max if I follow the trends of all my cousins and go a week overdue.... I'm really hoping this doesn't happen.]

Pretty much all I do anymore is NEST! For those of you who don't know what that is, it's the constant preparation of the home for baby to come. I am constantly planning and organizing where everything is going to go, and yes, decorations are included. I can't focus on school at all anymore!

I had a check up yesterday and my belly is measuring right on track, along with my weight gain (Hallelujah!). His heart rate was at 140 bpm and everything is looking good. I took the glucose test, and lucky for me I couldn't taste it. My husband was kind enough to pass on his cold to me right at the end of spring break. I have never had to call in sick for a cold, but man this one is a killer! Apparently pregnant women's immune systems are in the same category as the immune system of someone with AIDS.... awesome =/ Good thing I can take my go-to drug, Mucinex. I still sound like a stuffed up fool whenever I talk though.

Yesterday I had my insurance benefits meeting with my company reps. Here's a little math for you:
  •  We make around $2000 a month
  • Our rent is $515 a month
Yep, that's right. Not to mention the fact that the deductible went up from $3000 to $5000 from last year, and the total out-of-pocket expenses went from $5000 to $9000.

Thank you very much Obamacare....NOT! We made the decision to be self-reliant and get our own insurance instead of using medicaid, and now pretty much we are being punished for that decision. Boy was Lendel angry when he saw those numbers! We can afford it, but goodbye extra savings for a while! Luckily we have been blessed greatly thus far in our marriage financially and we will be able to handle it, but it just sickens me to know I could put $10,000 toward medical expenses before my insurance even kicks in. Better safe than sorry right? 

Other than the stress of insurance, all is well in the Jeppesen home. 

Oh... P.S.
If you ask me what I'm going to name my child and I don't tell you, don't be offended. Everybody else has pretty much annoyed the heck out of me by putting in their opinions of what I should and shouldn't name my baby. Lesson learned: We won't even be mentioning ideas with the next kid :)