Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lessons Learned in Utah

I was a little nervous about moving to Utah, but I wasn't really prepared for what I've encountered. Sadly, I have discovered that Utah is not so much the land of milk and honey, but rather the land of pyramid schemes, plastic surgery, and an extreme competition for the title of "Best House-wife on the Planet".

Here are some myths that have somehow worked their way into the minds of Utah women.

#1 FAKE wins all in Utah

  • I'm pretty sure Utah is right behind Hollywood when it comes to the amount of...shall we say... Fakeness? Fake eyelashes, fake body parts, fake tan, fake blonde hair, fake nails, fake EVERYTHING!!!!! Why is everyone trying to hide their natural beauty?

  • I believe that women should take care of themselves. We should take care of our bodies, put on a little makeup, do our hair, and look presentable. Be careful though girls, we are meant to enhance our natural beauty, not murderously drown it.

#2 You aren't a cool kid unless you run marathons.
  • Now don't get me wrong, I applaud anyone who has the guts to go run until their feet bleed; but I just don't see what the big deal is. Everyone that runs a marathon puts a big sticker on the back of their car. I mean....pregnancy is kind of like a marathon right? And the last leg of that race is not one everyone could handle. You don't see me putting a sticker on the back of my car that says, "Hey! I pushed a baby out of me! (insert completion date here)".
  •  Yup....this is basically how I feel:

#3 Pyramid Schemes are the only way to make money.
  • Puh-lease! I'm so tired of all this garbage. The worst one? OILS. I understand that natural remedies are amazing, and can help with tons of things. However, don't you think doctors would be using them regularly if they cured cancer? 

#4 Unless you are making EVERYTHING homemade, you fail as a wife and mother.
  • Let's see who can pack the cutest lunches, make the most homemade wipes, make their own laundry soap, decorate purely from old stuff found at the DI, make the best pinterest meals, sew the greatest stuff. I mean...soon we'll all be making our make-up from household kitchen products and finding cheaper ways of wiping ourselves in the bathroom! 

  • Face reality ladies, life is hectic. It's OKAY if you aren't the perfect wife and mother. Messes happen, laundry doesn't get folded, and sometimes we have to spend money on things because we just don't have enough time to make it ourselves. Life will go on.

I love Logan. This is where my family is. It is here that I have received my college education, and have made so many good friends. It just breaks my heart to see so many women succumb to the idea that unless you are the best at everything, you are worthless. We women are precious. No matter what you do, someone will always be better than you. Forget about it. Enjoy the things you do because they make you happy, not because they will make you look better than someone else.

Monday, August 12, 2013


When you move into your new apartment 4 days before you have a baby.... it takes a while to get the nursery done! All I have left to do is finish the "NASH" sign and hang it. I have my awesome Mom and my amazing aunts to thank for all the help! I love it :)