Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My craft side has decided to show up all of the sudden. I've been able to hold off for most of my schooling because I knew I would lose control and just want to do projects all the time! I'm taking an introductory sewing class at USU because I wanted some easy credits for my last semester, and I am loving it! My Mom and Grandma are amazing seamstresses, but neither are close enough to show me all the cool tricks on my sewing machine that my awesome in-laws gave me.

Here are a couple of pillows I made yesterday :) the long one is sewn shut and just stuffed with filling, but the square one has a zipper (that's way too small) and is a pillow cover. It was my first time sewing a zipper and it didn't turn out too bad! I had fun making them too!

Don't mind how crooked the clock looks, it's just the angle I took the picture at!

Yes, our couch is ugly navy blue. Oh well, we're poor college students and love it anyway!

Lucky for me I have pretty much the same color scheme in my bedroom and living room so I have one in each room. Now I just have all these to get done:
  • Apron
  • Car seat cover
  • Car seat blanket
  • Nursing cover
  • Baby quilt
  • Curtains for baby room
Oh so many projects so do.... I can't wait to be done with school!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Decisions, Decisions!

It seems like all my life is made up of lately is decisions! I have quite a few decisions already made that I know for a fact will not change:

1.) I am marching into that hospital, getting an epidural and any other drugs they offer me, and delivering my baby in a delivery room. (This may sound odd, but I have had tons of people ask me what kind of childbirth I was doing.) Here are my reasons:

  • I was not born a dolphin, so why would I have a baby in the water??? Ha.... just my personal opinion :)
  • Medicine is a brilliant thing, and if that epidural can make it so I'm not cussing my husband during labor, why not!?
  • I would rather be surrounded by a staff of nurses and doctors with plenty of hospital equipment than just one midwife at home. What if something goes wrong?
  • These are just my thoughts :) I obviously don't think anyone is crazy for doing natural childbirth (ok maybe just a bit), but I just don't want to go there!
2.) I am most likely going to stick with disposable diapers. 
  • I have run the numbers and for me personally, it is totally worth it to spend money on disposables! I know a lot of mother's who love cloth diapers, but if it costs me $20 extra a month to not have to rinse poop down my sink or in my toilet, I'll take it :)
3.) We won't be moving into a house just yet....
  • We have actually been looking, and even been to see a mortgage guy, but sadly we would have NO money left over at the end of the month in case something happened.
  • Renting is great right!? Right? 
  • Who am I kidding.... renting sucks. Oh well, if you can't afford it, you can't afford it :)
And here are some decisions I still have to make:

1.) Do we stay in Aggie Village?
  • We could save the most money that way
  • A townhome would end up costing us $80 more a month than AV
  • Wouldn't that be worth it to have a dishwasher, extra bathroom, AND my dryer INSIDE my house??? Not to mention almost 300 sq ft of extra space...
  • Ugh.... this is a tough one
2.) What colors am I going to do this little guys room in!?
  • I'm thinking of Gray, Orange, and Cream. I want to go with a very vintage, clean look. I would love a room with mostly light colors, and tiny pops of a vintage orange color. Good thing my Mom and Aunts are pros at interior decorating!

Wow, that's pretty much it. This post really did help me organize my mind (which is a hard thing to do when you have prego brain). Excel has been my best friend lately because I have been making so many charts to figure out our finances. This baby is not really going to cost that much more for us. Hallelujah! Can't wait for this little guy to join us :)