Monday, January 21, 2013

Let the Shopping Begin!!!!

Well everyone, I was dead wrong my entire pregnancy! It's a BOY! Oddly enough, it feels so right to know that he is a he, even though I thought he was a she! Lendel said I couldn't post any pictures of the proof, but trust us; it's definitely a BOY :) I do admit I teared up a bit when I caught the first glimpse of his profile. Even though he is still a bit alien-ish, he is just adorable! It makes it all so much more real, and I love him so much already!

I've been asking Lendel this entire time what he wanted, but he always said he didn't care and would be happy with either gender. However, when the ultrasound tech confirmed that it was indeed a boy, Lendel did the Nacho Libre fist and yelled, "YES!". I looked at him and said, "I thought you didn't care?". Ha I guess it's just an inherent wish for a guy to have a little boy first.

For those of you who aren't from my hometown, you may not realize that my Dad's side of the family is notorious for having umm..... extremely large heads. Well, our little guy got it! The tech looked a little nervous at first and said, "Umm.... his head is kind of big". We both laughed and asked how big. "Realllly big", was the response we got. Yup, our baby's head is in the 90th %ile!  Hahaha oh we laughed so hard! We actually get another ultrasound because his head is measuring 2 weeks ahead. There is nothing to worry about, they just want to track his growth. He weighed in at 13 oz (2 oz heavier than he should be because of the head). All else was in great condition :)

That is pretty much the exciting stuff... Oh, except for the fact we found out our scale is off by 5 lbs. So, I've gained almost 15 lbs since I got pregnant, and Lendel has gained just as much! He was a bit distraught this morning when he stepped on the scale and saw the number. Maybe I should stop letting him have half of my milkshake every night? Ha.... oh Lendel :)

And... here is a picture of the little guy! You can definitely tell his head is big, but still! His little nose and mouth just make me melt! (And P.S. that is totally the umbilical cord, so worry not)

We are so excited! I already have all the colors for the room picked out (much to Lendel's dismay) and can't wait to finally start shopping for all kinds of cute stuff!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Best of Times....

Well this week has been one of mixed emotions indeed. We had an absolutely grand time visiting my family in Colorado. I always love visiting, but Lendel hit the jackpot this time! The first night we were there he got a pistol for Christmas from my parents, and then ate 2 1/2 steaks for dinner. Spoiled much? I think so....   We went sledding and played a lot of games with my family (I am awful at Monopoly), and Lendel probably played about 40 hours of Halo and Call of Duty with my Dad and Brother. I am SO glad we don't have video games here ;) I loved spending time with my family, and realized just how much I appreciate them. It was odd without Kyle, who is serving in England, but it was still great to relax with the family. Of course when we left I cried, I always do.

We got some sad news the day we left for Utah. My grandpa Mortensen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a couple months ago, and on Wednesday he took a turn for the worse. When we got into Utah on Thursday night we went straight to my grandparents house to see him. Unfortunately he was not responsive, but at least that meant they had managed the pain enough for him to sleep. That night Lendel cleaned my grandparents entire kitchen while I watched kids and my aunts took care of my Grandpa. He is such a great guy, and I sure do love him. We took all of my cousins home that night and watched them for my aunts. We played Mommy and Daddy and bathed them, fed them, and got them ready for school. We had to come up to Logan on Friday night so I could work, and got the call that my Grandpa had finally passed. It has been difficult, but there is so much peace knowing that he is no longer in pain, and that I will see him again. He was such an amazing, kind, and sweet-spirited man.

School starts tomorrow, and I'm still not registered for all of the classes I need to graduate. I'm not panicked because it was the advising office's fault and they have to let me graduate, which means I'll just be taking alternate courses for my required classes. I can't believe this is my last semester of school! I am so excited to be done and be able to focus on this little one coming our way :) I am 18 weeks along and we get to find out the gender in 3 weeks (that is if I can't convince my doctor to see me one week earlier). I can't wait to know! It will make it so much more real. This life definitely has it's ups and downs, but I still love it!