Monday, September 23, 2013

8 Reasons Why Babies are Actually the Best

1. They make funny sounds

  • farts
  • poop
  • coos
  • coughs
  • whistling boogers that you can do nothing about
  • half-giggles
  • sneezes are the best
2. They are genuine
  • they don't care if their hands are in extremely awkward places
  • they have double-chins most of the time
  • they look incredibly hilarious when falling asleep
3. They are so sweet
  • they smile all the time
  • seeing Mom makes them happy
  • they can't help but steal your heart
  • all they really want to do is eat
4. They aren't picky
  • they eat their feet
  • they eat their hands
  • they eat toys
  • they eat clothes and blankets
  • they eat electronics
  • really, anything makes them happy
5. They are easily entertained
  • they love hands
  • they love feet
  • they love Mom
  • they love Dad
  • they love bathtime
  • they love toys
6. I doesn't take much to please them
  • This is crude, and you can blame my father. He is a wise man when it comes to babies:
  • "All they need is a little bit of pitty and a whole lot of titty"
  • Yeah.... 
7. They make you happy
  • No matter how tired I am, picking up my little boy puts a smile on my face and a peaceful feeling in my heart.
8. They make you love your spouse so much more than you did before. 
  • People say they want to get to know their spouse more before having children. Well here's the truth: nothing helps you grow as a couple as much as dealing with pregnancy and a baby. A pregnant woman is not something to be trifled with, and my husband was so amazing at serving me and helping me through it all. What is even more amazing is watching my husband care for and support our child. He is so gentle with him, and helps me with whatever he can in taking care of Nash. I didn't know just how much I lucked out until I saw Lendel with my litlle boy.