Friday, December 13, 2013


My little man was 6 months old on Monday! I can't believe how fast time flies. It seems like yesterday I was just waddling around with that kid pushing on my sciatic nerve and kicking the heck out of me. I guess I'll start with his stats:

Weight- 17.5 lbs (49th %ile)
Height- 25.5 in (85th %ile)
Head..................................................... 93rd %ile

It's a good thing Nash is stinkin adorable with that big ol' jug head of his. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but he's had some issues with his neck and head. He was born with Congenital Torticollis. His right SCM (sternocleidomastoid) muscle in his neck is much too strong. Basically, one side of his neck is stronger than the stronger. The SCM is supposed to be like a ribbon, but the one on Nash's right side is more tube like because he was positioned weird in the womb. The fix for this one is actually botox to relax the muscle, and allow the other side to strengthen. Unfortunately this condition also affected his head because when he was born he had a massive  flat spot on the back left side of his head. Fancy term for that one: Plagiocephaly

We have been taking him to Physical Therapy for about 4 months now to work on his neck. About a month ago we went in and his head measurements had been reduced to a measurement of 3mm, which is generally the end goal for working with Plagiocephaly. This number represents the difference between two angular measures on his head. The Physical Therapist told us to keep stretching him and hopefully the next appointment would be our last.

Well, it wasn't. We showed up again and his measurement was back up to 6 mm (insurance usually pays for a helmet at 8mm). Since his head has gotten worse, we are going to meet with some specialists to see if he will qualify for a helmet to fix his head.

This is how my week looks next week:

Monday: Physical Therapy (a.k.a. Nash screaming while we stretch his neck)
Tuesday: Meeting with Rocky Mountain Artificial Limb and Brace for a helmet consultation
Wednesday: Trip to Salt Lake for a consultation with Utah Neuro Rehabilitation about the botox

None of this is super serious, but it's definitely taken up some of our time. I'm just glad my little man won't remember being in an embarrassing helmet for a few months :)

Here are some other happenings in my little man's life:
-Nash sleeps for about 10 hours every night (he goes down super easy)
-He takes 2 naps a day for an average of about 1.5 hrs each
-He had his first baby food last week! (he LOVES sweet potatoes)
-He has two super sharp teeth! (We didn't even know he was teething until we saw them in his mouth)
-He can roll over and almost sit up (still no army crawling yet)
-Nash loves people with dark skin! I know that sounds weird, but any time he sees someone with darker
      skin he just smiles and smiles while my blonde friends just get blank stares. Maybe he'll marry a girl with
      beautiful dark skin and I'll have gorgeous grandchildren?